Nutrition in Pregnancy


pregnancy nutrition

The first 3 months of pregnancy , the baby’s growth and development of the most important factors is to have a healthy chromosomal structure . Therefore, during this period the mother ‘s diet does not affect the baby ‘s development.

How much should be fed during pregnancy ?

  1. The first three months of the fed often, but in small quantities …

The first 3 months , the mother should be fed small amounts at frequent intervals . Fat-free , odorless, unseasoned and savory crackers , snacks will be useful in suppressing the nausea as white chickpeas . dear mother of the first 3 months should eat what he wants , should be in a useless effort to get the food he did not want her thinking it might be useful outside .

  1. 3 months want a serious discipline next feeding

Due to watch more stable after 3 months of pregnancy hormones , mothers will be relieved in terms of both physical and psychological . 3. nutrition in the period up to the month of birth, for both mother and baby are very important and require strict discipline contrast to the first three months.

  1. How many calories will take daily ?

In this period of pregnancy, the daily 1600 kcal to 2200 kcal level of energy consumption stands out . Accordingly, the intake should be increased, three meals must be added to the 3 main meals with him. In between meals of sandwiches, fruit , milk, yogurt can be consumed.

  1. How to make your daily diet ?

Daily diet is essential to milk and milk products (at least 1 cup of milk , a cup of yogurt , cheese ) should be consumed regularly and every day. Milk and milk products should be consumed in abundance for that protein and calcium source.



  1. Eat at least two meals per week of red meat

According to his mother ‘s wishes steak, but it should not be in the form meatballs or steak was undercooked.

  1. Eat eggs at least 3 days per week

Eggs contain high quality protein and even , if possible, should be used more often.

  1. Do not skimp on your table one meal of fish a week
  2. Choose Mediterranean cuisine for dinner

Plenty of green salad with olive oil consumption is healthy for dinner , both in terms of source of vitamins and intestines .

  1. Walnuts, almonds , eat dried figs and dried apricots.
  2. Cigarettes and alcohol should never be consumed during pregnancy.
  3. Walk and swim

Pregnancy is never unlimited food, quality and balanced diet provides both a comfort during pregnancy is a healthy birth. From the 3rd month of pregnancy, diet must be balanced and disciplined added regular exercise program. 2 days per week for at least an hour walking , swimming, special pregnancy yoga, Pilates can be done . However, dangerous sports, exercise with weights , cycling, skating from such activities should be avoided .

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